In 2007, 30+ billion dollars went to alternative medicine according to a government survey. These figures are growing, showing alternative health care is thriving!

Clients are looking to pay for techniques that yield the very results they need. The average patient has not had acceptable results, despite spending thousands out of pocket on conventional options like medicine, surgery, therapy and even massage except for myofascial release.

The vast majority of people seen have their lives change. They're able to regain a better quality of life, return to work, and lead a pain-free active lifestyle.

Not everyone experiences the same results though. Some will experience a therapist still using obsolete, traditional techniques. Others will experience the therapist who focuses on the Myofascial Release approach. In fact, more and more hospitals, health-care facilities, insurance companies and doctors are looking for highly trained myofascial release therapists.

The health care mill approach is not effective health care. We can take better care of ourselves as well as our families by being prepared. Identify a place where you can receive myofascial release that will give you the quality time to provide effective health care. Myofascial Release will empower you with a tremendous opportunity by opening your very own practice with Myofascial release as your focus. You can keep your current job and practice part time. It does not take a great sum of money. You only a treatment table, some space, and knowledge of myofascial release.