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A huge thank you to Stephen Sanacore at Long Island Myofacial Release. I have been experiencing discomfort in my lower back for a very long time. Occasionally, it would escalate to pain, and I would make a series of Chiropractic appointments to get relief, but even once the pain was taken care of, the discomfort persisted. Stephen managed to relax muscles, I didn't even realize were tense. After the first treatment, I actually felt more uncomfortable for a few hours (which is a good thing for this type of stuff, because it means that my body was trying to find a new neutral position), but that evening, I was right as rain. I no longer sat like a question mark when driving, both my legs were evenly extended, I was sitting comfortably on the couch for the first time in what felt like years, and had the best nights of sleep for the next two nights, even though I had to find a new sleeping position. I was honestly convinced that I was just getting old, and the discomfort was just the new normal. I'm sure I will need a few more treatments to make it permanent, but it's three days later and I have a new lease on life.

Susan Malpiedi

Since coming to Stephen I have found I feel physically better than ever. I was in horrible pain daily. I have times when I still have pain in my neck but it is never as severe and the duration is diminished. I'm feeling better and smiling a lot more. You Rock Stephen!

Valerie Dicost

Very Good at explaining the process. Stephen also took time to go over my complicated history. He gave me his undivided attention and addressed all my issues.

Randi Halvey

After my first visit I had significant relief. Couldn't wait for my next visit.. Highly Recommend Stephen!

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